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Please join API in supporting an Equal Rights Amendment petition that was launched on Alice Paul’s birthday, January 11th. The petition needed a total of 25,000 signatures by February 10th!
Over 33,000 signatures were received.

If a petition reaches the total number of signatures needed, it will be presented to the White House staff. In turn, they will review it and ensure that it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts who will issue an official response.

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The influence of money and politics in Michigan Supreme Court elections

An audio Discussion

A task force says electing Michigan Supreme Court justices should not be as partisan, or as much about money, as other political offices. But according to one watchdog group, last year the Michigan Supreme Court campaign was the most expensive, most secretive judicial election in America. Several recommendations to get some of the politics and secret money out of the Supreme Court elections were ignored by the legislature last year.

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Fairness In State Courts:

Electing Versus Appointing State Judges

Fairness In State Courts: Electing Versus Appointing State Judges (click to listen to interview) or go to

State judges rule on most legal cases, but some argue campaign funding for judicial candidates leads to bias.


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