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Governor Snyder Discusses Michigan's Ballot Initiatives

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Fairness In State Courts:

Electing Versus Appointing State Judges

Fairness In State Courts: Electing Versus Appointing State Judges (click to listen to interview) or go to

State judges rule on most legal cases, but some argue campaign funding for judicial candidates leads to bias.

How the Elecorial College Works

An Audio Discussion

How The Electoral College Works (Rebroadcast)

Sunday, October 7, 2012 - 2:06 p.m.

The Electoral College was created by the Framers as a compromise to save the Constitution: America would elect its president indirectly, with individuals chosen by the states based on their representation in Congress. Most states now use a winner-take-all system that awards all electors to the winning candidate. Supporters of the Electoral College say it protects the rights of smaller and rural states. But critics argue the system is undemocratic and gives too much power to battleground states. And polls show a majority of Americans favor doing away with the Electoral College. Diane and guests discuss how America elects its president.
Jeffrey Rosen professor of law at The George Washington University, and legal affairs editor for The New Republic.
James Thurber professor and director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at American University, and author of "Obama in Office: The First Two Years."

How The Electoral College Works (Rebroadcast)

Big Money and Elections

Two Articles

Need to Know, November 16, 2012 Video by Ray Suarez

Next time, a tougher road to the ballot? Article by Chris Andrews/Bridge Magazine contributor